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Why Inspiredge

That really depends on who you are, your ambitions, and the experience that you possess – Our size, status and sense of direction helps offer you a very real chance of getting close to the opportunities and challenges that match your aspirations. With the varying diversity of our international network, the possibilities are almost endless.

A world of opportunities

With the current standard and extent of our business, it’s hardly surprising that we’re in a position to offer a multitude of opportunities for you to launch and develop your career. We also offer a wide range of opportunities for specialists in every field.

Personal and professional development

At Inspiredge, we take your development equally serious as you do from your personal perspective. This is the reason we make sure that you receive the adequate training and support necessary for you, to progress at every stage of your career. What this means to you will vary according to your particular role and needs, but you’ll surely benefit from a mixture of formal training activities – administered both in person and online – and on-the-job coaching and mentoring. We provide active support to everyone in working towards achieving their relevant professional qualifications.


Irrespective of the process that you are into, we ensure your skills; dedication and success are both recognized and rewarded.

Current Openings

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No jobs are posted right now. However, please drop your profile through 'Drop CV' on this page, so we can contact you in case we have any job openings matching your profile, in the future.


Our values help us drive our objectives and provide us with guidelines, by which we achieve meaningful results. Our corporate values are guide posts to mark the path and guidelines within which we have our daily business dealings with each other, our clients and the communities in which we operate. Only by maintaining this shared focus do we, as indviduals, become a sucessful team, and inspiredge achieves its full potential.

  • We live our values- Leading by example is the most powerful communication tools any leader possesses.
  • We teach our values- We try to make it very clear about how we treat our values and what we expect in terms of value-based behavior.
  • We reward our values- We try to notice when people are living out to the core values and affirm them in real time.
  • We hire new people based on our values- When considering a new hire, we look for three things: competence, personal character, and a cultural fit.
  • We review people based on our values. A section of our weekly/monthly review process is dedicated to our core values and how did they consistently live with our values and honour them.
  • We let people grow based on our values. We can educate people if they don’t have sufficient knowledge.

Employees Speak

“Inspiredge (IE) is one of the best workplaces that provides a whole bunch of opportunities to anyone in the organization especially for those who have the drive for it. One would always have a space to ideate, plan & execute solutions for challenges on any platform.

IE offers every employee a diverse professional experience from all the departments. One can confidently say that IE is one of those organizations that values and empowers its employees.”

Sri Charan
Sri CharanPractice Head- Solutions Consulting

“We at Inspiredge, provide the best services to our customers and clients. We believe in constant learning and team work which leads to customer satisfaction. Every employee works seamlessly to attain the best results, which is evident by the growth in business seen every year. Indeed, Inspiredge has a great success story. Team is open to new ideas and have them implemented the right way for efficient results. There is a strong support team which constantly provide the necessary guidance to work towards improvement. It has been almost 8 years for me with Inspiredge and was a challenging journey so far. Currently, I head the Tier 1 NOC Operations along with BPM which gives me a strong hold on the service operations and delivery.”

Sreshta Sharon
Sreshta SharonSenior Manager- Service Delivery

What attracted me to Inspiredge was the opportunity to participate and help shape a growth story.As an organization, we take great pride in our Nimbleness & Customer Focus. At the same time, with our Inspiredge, we can only Dream Big for our business!The Desire & Passion of fellow business leaders for the organization’s growth, and the Close-knit Employee Bonds is what I see everyday. These are the two things that make me very confident about Inspiredge ability to scale newer peaks ahead.

Sriram Aditya Kandala
Sriram Aditya KandalaPrincipal Consultant

Inspiredge as the name suggests stands for Expertise, Execution , Excellence . We standby this mission which encourages and gives an opportunity to young and energetic minds to deliver under a space conducive to communication & motivation. Open to new ideas and rolling them on, the company thrives on its experienced resources who in turn are responsible for its growth and profitability. My experience has been an enriching one with lots of learning and it has not only helped me to grow professionally but has made a great impact personally and I am proud to be a member of the winning team. IE

Hari Kumar Raja Mukkamala
Hari Kumar Raja MukkamalaAVP - IT & Infrastructure

I am working as a Practice Manager for Inspiredge. There are a lot of reasons for joining this company, the biggest reason was the responsibility to build a new practice altogether. In any other organization you would not have a fully baked cake for yourself, so I felt this is a great platform to prove myself.

Abhishek Agarwalla
Abhishek AgarwallaPractice Head - TEM

We provide Top-tier Avaya support to customers and their technicians. Inspiredge provides phenomenal growth opportunities at all levels. Being a niche service provider in the areas of Systems Engineering, Telecom Expense Management and KPO services, we provide opportunities to fresher as well as experienced professionals. Come and be a part of our growth and grow with us.

BharathPractice Head- Solutions Consulting
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